Choose your desired service model

Do It Yourself +

Use our software to run your own virtual advisory board(s), with our experts available to
help you ask great questions

Starting at $500/month 

Do It With You

Our experts will review, design and post discussion questions, and will co-moderate your
virtual advisory board(s)

Starting at $2,500/month

Do It For You

We’ll do it all for you, designing discussion questions, moderating your board(s), analyzing results & prepping ongoing reports

Starting at $5,000/month

Frequently Asked Questions

We will work with you and your team to develop objectives for your advisory board(s), develop a recruitment plan, help you identify the right members to recruit (if you haven’t already recruited a board) and train your team on how to use our platform prior to launch.

You will get a license to use all features of our proprietary platform with no restrictions on feature set or annoying per-user fees that add up fast. 

You will have a dedicated success expert you can email any time you need advice on how to get the most out of your advisory board(s). We will also proactively reach out and suggest best practices for getting the most from your boards, including how to ask great questions and get sustainable engagement from your members.

You can send us the questions you are thinking of posting to your advisory board(s) and we’ll suggest changes to get the best (unbiased and in-depth) results possible. 

You tell us what you’re looking to learn and we’ll design a set of questions from scratch that will get to the heart of your objectives.

The difference between this and “Question Reviews” is that for the former you need to come up with the set of questions. If you hire us to design the discussion questions we will do that for you…

Our moderators will facilitate the conversations in your board(s) either on your behalf or alongside your team, depending on your preference and goals. 

The advantage of hiring us to facilitate is that we provide an independent, unbiased perspective 

Our team will review and analyze the content of the discussions in your advisory board(s) for you, saving you the time of having to do it yourself and providing an independent, unbiased review of the results.

We will prepare ongoing reports that summarize what was said in your advisory board discussions. Reports are typically prepared in PowerPoint for easy dissemination throughout your organization, and include extensive verbatim quotations to reinforce the findings.

We will present the results of the reports we’ve written to internal stakeholders for you (or with you, based on your preference).

The reason why we list “starting at” prices is because the pricing varies based on the size and scope of your advisory board(s), including the number of members, number of discussions, number of boards or segments within boards, and more.

Get in touch and we can give you a quote based on your needs and use case.